Independent Assessor

As Independent Assessor we would be asked by  the awarding body  to Assess Your students work against the standards

The role and responsibilities of an endpoint assessor are to start with understanding the relevant standards to the apprenticeship assessment plan, that they will be assessing.  

Also to be aware of the processes and practices that go with the EPA role and the tools available for them to use to make a decision on the grade the apprentice will receive, and to demonstrate reliable judgement and consistency.

The Epa will have a caseload of Apprentices and will be given the evidence to assess from the apprenticeship assessment organisation when they have reached the gateway.

With the assessment plan, the Epa will understand the criteria that the employers have agreed for the occupational competency.

In a holistic way, the Epa will look at all the evidence and the range of methods used to gather the evidence using this and the tools available they will focus on the skills, Knowledge and the behaviour with evidence provided.

Feedback would be expected in the form of written reports to validate the decisions and detail feedback to support the apprentice in their development.

Then complete all regulatory paperwork and submit for internal verification and external quality assurance.

The EPA must be impartial, reliable and consistent and have integrity.

The endpoint assessor can have no personal or direct relationship with the apprentice or the provider and must have a working knowledge and expertise above the qualification being assessed in the subject.  Continual CPD would be expected in the role,  to continue to improve and develop as an EPA. 

Employer support

Giving step by step advice on how to follow the awarding body paperwork and the upload process 

Apprentice Interview Rooms or Skype location 

The appropriate Facilities to carry out an interview if required