Assessment Organisation

The role as an assessment organisation, will arrange an independent review of the apprentice’s best portfolio of work, their project and the employers reference, followed by a one to two hour interview.

Interview readiness
Both the employer and training provider need to inform BCS, ideally at the time of registration or Gateway of any reasonable adjustments or special requirements for the apprentice, so these are accommodated for.
• The interview is to clarify any questions that the assessor has from their initial assessment of the portfolio, project and employer reference
• Provide further evidence to the assessor, to support the holistic decision about the grade to be awarded
The interview will normally be conducted remotely, through skype or similar technology and will be recorded.
Nb: An apprentice must have completed 12 months and two days minimum of their apprenticeship, before they can commence with an end-point assessment interview.

The grade will be awarded after the interview, and will determine the final single grade to be awarded Referral, Pass, Merit or Distinction.
The purpose of the grading is to differentiate those that have met and those whose work is significantly above the expected level of quality.
Criteria for grading
The What – what the apprentice has shown they can do.*
The How – the way in work has been done.*
The with Whom – The personal and interpersonal qualities the apprentice has brought to all of their work relationships.*

Grade levels
PASS – demonstrates the expected minimum requirements for each of the three sets of criteria.*
MERIT – demonstrates that ‘the What’ is above the level of quality and one of either ‘the How’ or ‘With Whom’.*
DISTINCTION – demonstrates each three sets of criteria is significantly above the expected level of quality.*

The BCS Professional Registration of IT Technicians (RITTech)

Apprentices who meet the criteria for RITTech registration and upon successful completion of their apprenticeship, can apply to appear on the register. This standard is similar to other technical registers. The register enables employers to search for the talent they want and for technicians to stand out from their peers.