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Level 3 IT Aprenticeships

New apprenticeship standards. For Level 3 (IT Infrastructure Technician) Assessing Technical knowledge, Skills and behavior with (MTA) Microsoft certification with workplace evidence to showcase project and workplace portfolio. Distinction Merit or Pass.

IT Apprenticeships

Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician

The End Point Assessor is used as an independent Assessor with no connection to the provider or leaner or employer, who give feedback to all parties, on the grading received by the apprentice.



The Trainer Assessor, was responsible for delivering of high-Quality assessment in an agreed timescale to nationally recognised standards, also responsibility for delivering training and revision sessions as required through the a delivery model of the Level 3 apprenticeship.(frameworks)

Coach for the new apprenticeship standards. For (IT Infrastructure Technician), The coach is responsible for monitoring apprentice learning and progression thought-out the program in partnership with the technical trainer and collecting MTA  certificates and work based evidence ready for the synoptic project and to support the apprentice and the employer in competing the end point assessment process to complete the apprenticeship.  

Making sure the Apprentice and the employer understand the Grading
The grade will be awarded after the interview, and will determine the final single grade to be awarded Referral, Pass, Merit or Distinction.
The purpose of the grading is to differentiate those that have met and those whose work is significantly above the expected level of quality.
Criteria for grading
The What – what the apprentice has shown they can do.*
The How – the way in work has been done.*
The with Whom – The personal and interpersonal qualities the apprentice has brought to all of their work relationships.*

Grade levels
PASS – demonstrates the expected minimum requirements for each of the three sets of criteria.*
MERIT – demonstrates that ‘the What’ is above the level of quality and one of either ‘the How’ or ‘With Whom’.*
DISTINCTION – demonstrates each three sets of criteria is significantly above the expected level of quality.*

Some apprentices and employers may find understanding the new standards and the process difficult to adjust to, that's where we can help!

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  • A1 Assessor 
  • EPA level 3  

Workplace Coach

EPA Coordinator

British Computer Society-The Chartered Institute for IT

City & Guilds: Vocational Education and Apprenticeships

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